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Art and Gifts at Caxton's

Caxton's holds a wonderful collection of original and locally sourced art and gifts. 

Visit us at 55 Connaught Avenue to find your perfect gift, or the piece of art that's just right for that spot on the wall.

Our Artists

Maria Fletcher - Mother Daughter

Elizabeth Martland De Alwis

Stephen Cook

Jane Watson

Sarah Milne

Jo Rizzato

Chrissie Richards

Natalie Huntsman

Mark Kendall

Ani Stephens

Christine Gallant

Nicky Sheales

Jane James

Whybird (Sally Child)

Matt Brown

Mae Kandoo

Ruth Carter


Wendy Brooke-Smith

Anthony Jones

Jennie Mace

Barbara Pierson

Alison Stockmarr

Frankie Atkinson

Daisy Courtauld

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